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The City And Horses - I Don't Want To Dream

kilgoretrout   (50 reviews)

Posted: 06/11/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Pop music often carries a lot of negative connotations, and not without reason; some of the most atrocious music known to man carries the “Pop” banner proudly. Much like “Indie” music, “Pop” has come to mean more than what it was first meant to mean. Evidence of this: there is now a genre called “Indie Pop”, a contradictory phrase if I’ve ever heard one. Pop music evolved its own sound, often utilizing simpleton love songs and a danceable beat to drive sales. Part of the reason that pop music gets such a bad name is that these parasites keep using the same old formula for no reason other than to make money. Such is not the case with the pop outfit, The City and Horses.

Back in 2008, The City and Horses (The City representing the lead singer, Marc, and The Horses representing his backing band) released I Don’t Want To Dream, an objectively pretty album that definitely did not sound like their first outing. While penning songs about “Abagail Adams” and “Pierre the Arab”, TCAH managed to rise above their seemingly trite subject matter, and provide a beautiful aural experience. While switching between straight guitar and piano pop, reverb soaked garage rock, slide-guitar and cymbal alt-country, and toe-tapping funk music, I Don’t Want to Dream keeps itself relevant and interesting throughout, and demonstrates the fantastic range of TCAH. The backing band plays their part perfectly, and provides Marc with a perfect canvas to paint his songs of love, major life revelations, and hope.

While not turning completely away from the traditional pop formula, The City and Horses manages to make their own dent in the genre. I, for one, would be more than happy to listen to the radio if more music like this would get its rightful place on the airwaves. Until that time, however, I will keep my eyes peeled for some more pop bands that aren’t afraid to try something a little different, just like this band.

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