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Touche Amore - ...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse

Crack Pie   (1926 reviews)

Posted: 11/04/2010 | Comments: 12 | Rate:

It seems it has been a good year or so that I have been hearing about Touche Amore. Due to the source of all the talk being the flannel shirt, cut off khakis, beanie on back half of head, vans slip on wearing crowd of hardcore kids I ignored them. The bands name didn't help either. Yeah, I'm a judge people, eat worms.

It wasn't that I thought the band would be bad. I just figured I'd hear them when I heard them. And now "To The Beat Of A Dead Horse" showed up in my last package. After a good week or so of listening to this album I've come to my conclusion. Good, not great.

Touche Amore sound like they had every intention of playing traditional screamo, but are just too pissed to do it. This is melodic hardcore not at all unlike Ruiner. In fact that is all I can think of when I listen to this record. Just like Ruiner this album is full of build-ups and intelligent song writing and lyrics. They are also very comparable to Modern Life Is War and even feature Jeff Eaton on the track "Always Running, Never Looking Back".

This is a good record. I don't know what everyone is losing their damned minds about though. With Ruiner and MLIW now defunct I'm glad there is another band playing this style well. It's not my favorite brand of hardcore, but there is definitely a place for it.

I feel like I should have a lot more to say about Touche Amore other than comparing them to the aforementioned bands. This is a well written and executed record and I can appreciate it. It just doesn't hit the spot for me like a good dumbed down hardcore record usually does. I have a feeling that more listens will cause this to grow on me though.

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good review. i think touche amore does a great job of combining that melodic modern life is war sound with the jangly screamo sound and not having it seem weird
embarrassed for y
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i do love them
I brought gifts
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jangly is kind of the word i was looking for every time i listened to this haha
I have no legs!
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solid stuff.
breeze 'em out
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just booked them here again for the second time this year. seriously, some of the most humble dudes i've ever met in my life and they always fucking kill it. they deserve everything they get.
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i would have to strongly disagree with them sounding like ruiner, thats just me though
I brought gifts
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get your ears checked
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my hearing is quite fine thank you
I brought gifts
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apparently say they sound nothing like Ruiner is absolutely absurd
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Band fucking rules.
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great band.
In sha'Allah
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beat the fuck out of a horse

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