THE BODY RAMPANT New EP, Transient Years Available April 5th


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Listen to "Sativa" and "Artax Please" Off Transient Years Here:

Los Angeles, CA - February 16, 2011 - Experimental indie rock band The Body Rampant will be releasing their new EP Transient Years on April 5th. To get a sneak peek at what Transient Years will sound like, head over to to listen to "Sativa" and "Artax Please" off the upcoming EP. For more information, please go to

Transient Years, produced by Casey Bates (Gatsbys American Dream, Portugal. The Man, MxPx, Chiodos) is a collection of music to be ultimately impressed by with an aggressive indie rock sound where at times listeners can find hints of experimental pop. Their new EP is a melting pot of all the members' intense musical backgrounds and tastes, creating a genre-bending EP able to get inside the mind of any music lover.

In-tune with one another and inspired by every day life, the creation of Transient Years came naturally for the band. The writing process for the record was slow and steady as the band pulled from natural life experiences. They wanted Transient Years to be an effortless experience, and they accomplished just that.
When The Body Rampant, consisting of J.M. Lopez (vocals), Dylan Schleifstein (bass), Ryan Sabouhi (guitar/vocals), Mike Thomas (drums) and Jacob Nichols (guitar) take to the stage, it's an experience one has to see to believe. Picture an abstract world where people have 4 eyes and 3 noses, maybe even a brain placed on the outside of their head, and that is what you see when The Body Rampant performs. Dressed as their alter egos, depicting their most creative and open sides, they come equipped with haggard suits and large headed masks, ready to grab the audience and yank them into their upside down musical world.

With a reality distorting live show and a new EP sure to awaken any person's most creative side, The Body Rampant are on their way to becoming today's most interesting and intriguing new band.

The Body Rampant is currently playing shows on the West Coast and will be at this year's SXSW in Austin, TX. For more information, please go to

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