Pulling Teeth and Thor collaborate as 'Thor's Teeth'


Posted: 01/25/2012 | Views: 3,113

A389 Recordings have officially revealed the details behind their special
Eighth Anniversary Release: A limited edition professionally recorded
live collaboration LP by Baltimore's PULLING TEETH, and Canadian
Heavy Metal God THOR.

Dubbed as THOR'S TEETH this live LP takes you through 11 THOR
classics redone by PT at 2010's A389 Anniversary concert in Baltimore.
Professionally recorded/mixed by Kevin Bernsten/Developing Nations,
that magical night of January 08, 2010 can now be relived at any time.

That is...IF you are one of the lucky 100 people who picked up the LP
at last weekend's A389 Anniversary Bash.

However, you may be in luck as A389 has set aside an additional 100
copies which will be made available this Friday 01/27 for mailorder only.
A digital release is set to follow shortly via Vulcan Sky/Smog Veil Records.

This performance is one for the history books. Check out THOR'S TEETH
ripping through the THOR classic 'Thunder On The Tundra' below

Go listen:
Thors Teeth @ Soundcloud

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