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Vocalist Andrew Loucks of Beyond the Shore brings you an insightful and detailed track by track breakdown of the new album "Ghostwatcher" to be released 4/2 on Metal Blade records. The band is touring right now so catch them at a show and pick up this album!

Andrew Loucks - Vocals
Chris "The Lieutenant" Stinnett - Drums
Zach Hunter - Guitar
Jared Loucks - Guitar
Eli Masharbash - Bass

Album title: Ghostwatcher

01. The first song on the album is titled, 'Dividers'. This refers to the boundaries that are set in place around us in everyday living and also when we sleep. Dealing with the realms of dreaming and the different stages we pass through consciously and subconsciously as we enter each of them. I wrote this song after I woke up from a dream in the studio and realized I wanted to be the person that I was the night before. I wanted to be living in my own perfect world that I can create and maintain with my mind. You can do anything and be anywhere you want in your dreams and nothing can or will come between you and what you want to happen. "They can't touch us here" is a lyric from the end of the intro song, Dividers, meaning the limitations that are put on our bodies and minds in the conscious state are different than the subconscious. In dreaming, you make your own reality.

02. Half Lived is written just like the rest of the songs on this album, from an unconscious point of view also referred to as a dream. The song is about a dream I had where I woke up face down on a beach, dark sky but somehow completely illuminated to where I could see what was going on. I saw accusing, hate and judgment. It wasn't a place I wanted to be, but at the same time I knew why I was there. In the trees along the mountainside were witches, hanging from the treason that developed against them. Not given a chance to defend themselves, they were killed. This song and dream is about speaking out for what is right when you have the chance to. Sleepwalking through life is a lie. It's fed to us every day and we not only buy it, we believe it. "Our hearts we keep locked up in cages" refers to the visual I had in my dream of the witches kept locked up before hanging. It also is a metaphor in a way, meaning most people I see these days keep their emotions inside and don't express them near as often as they should. I'm definitely included in this, and writing this song and album as a whole has been a real eye opening experience…first hint at the album art.

03. Transitions, simply put, is about our career as a band becoming full time. Coming from different lifestyles and backgrounds, the members of our band have all made sacrifices to get to where we are today. Most people run around in their lives, slaves to a clock and time. Building what you would call a life out of the amount of time you may or may not be promised. Either way, time is running out and we all have that in common. This song is about making that transition into the entertainment industry and music business. Again from my dreams while in the studio tracking this album, come the lyrics to the song. I would feel free to write at night and immediately after I woke up every day. This would allow me to write directly from my dreams. Let your imagination run & "Cross your heart and hope to fly" are the words that stood out to me the most at this particular point in time. "Our home is more than walls, bricks and mortar" meaning taking this leap of a lifestyle into the touring world. Living in a van with my best friends on the road playing shows -- I think those words mean more to me now than ever before.

04. Homewrecker was written because I was wondering why people make the decisions they do in life. In particular, what causes a family to fall apart? There are more than enough reasons I am sure of, but one that stood out to me in particular, that a lot of people probably don't associate with would be prescription drugs and insecurity. Our generation has become overwhelmed with antidepressants and other drugs to make our lives seemingly worthwhile. Within the home, feelings of insecurity can develop over time or overnight. I was wondering what causes people to make choices and the amount of choices you have can be associated with feelings of security. I wrote this song from the perspective of a child sleepwalking through his house at night. Unsure of what is happening, finds his father trying to pick up the pieces of a broken marriage while the mother has nothing to say. The young boy searches for a meaning as to why his life is seemingly falling apart, literally the house around him begins to crumble. At this point, he just wants to fly away from everything and avoid the tension of walking through his own home and not feeling loved. "Teach me to fly high above the ground" is a reference to antidepressants and other "feel good" drugs. They promise to lift your spirits and leave you feeling numb to whatever is going on. In this dream, I woke up and saw everything that was going on and began counting down from nine. I told the boy that I wouldn't remember him and he wouldn't remember either of us in time. So I told the world to cave in and we would fly away from there. The wolves would descent from the hills and the entire floor caved in.

05. Glass Houses is written as a sequel to Half Lived. In this dream, I created an entire perfect world. Where I could maintain and flourish within my imagination. This song is about leaving reality and fulfilling life in another realm. If you read the lyrics, it goes into a bit of detail about how this would look. It's ultimately a love song, if you will call it that. I find a perfect girl and take her to my perfect world. From the Half Lived dream/song, I could take one of the accused "witches" with me, only to realize she wasn't a witch at all. So we would return and take everyone with us, leaving a fallen world in awe.

06. Milestone is the instrumental track on the album. A milestone is a landmark of something that will tell you exactly how far you have traveled. This would be a metaphor for our band as we continue to make music and move forward with our career and expressions as artists.

07. #Dreamkiller is a reference to anyone who tells you that you can't do something. Someone that would say, "kill your dreams". Although this song wasn't intentionally written as such, the meaning behind these lyrics are once again based on a dream. The unconscious mind will take you places you necessarily wouldn't want to go. This song is about never losing sight of the person you are, or are made to be. "Don't lose your imagination, never grow up" is what I wrote in the margins are of lyrical notes. This song is written from my point of view within a dream where I am sleepwalking through an empty house. Floating down the hallways, I would see the dark shadows along the walls making shapes, casting pictures everywhere. I heard "age is the death of imagination" over and over. A lot of blue and grey colors were the scenery, with time seemingly standing still. I would count down the hours as I explored my surroundings all the while avoiding the dark shadows that would turn into creatures and then back into branches from the outside trees. They would just watch me as I went about my business, saying "the floor boards burn with a passion to eat through your soul". No matter where you are going in life, never lose that child-like sense of imagination and innocence.

08. Visions is about giving whatever it is you do in life all you've got. Putting every ounce of effort into the message of work you are trying to convey. "Open pages to the extent of any imagination free to climb", meaning you have your whole life sit back and wonder "what if" or you can go out and make it happen. Putting thoughts on paper is always a tricky thing to do. They never seem to be the same. Your imagination can travel vast distances in little time while we are here limited. I found through this dream that we are all slaves to our own minds. It's not until we fully free them that we can "let our imagination run", which is why I wrote that into the song 'Transitions'. This song, 'Visions', takes that interpretation a bit further. Reading through the lyrics for this song will perhaps give you a better "visual" experience as to what I am writing about.

09. Breathe on Ice relates to our interactions with people. Our many different forms of communication these days point to the fact that social media has taken over. We should watch what we say and what we post on the Internet for more than personal reasons, which is why I probably won't say entirely everything behind what went into these songs lyrically. Understand that the words we say have the power to build and destroy. This song is about losing someone that you are close to, leaving the last words you said to them as negative. It's a dream about finding them in another realm of existence and being able to communicate with them again. No matter how many second chances you receive, there will always be that poison inside all of us. In this song, it's about channeling that poison through your body as you have to live with it. The message being, watch your words. No matter how aware we are of this, we are still emotionally driven as most humans are. Those emotions tend to get in the way of our communication among several different levels and layers. When we get angry, as this song shows, we tend to say things we don't necessarily mean. We choose words that will cut to the bone and only use them to get a reaction out of the person we are talking with. This particularly for me involves loved ones. I tend to let my emotions get in the way when I talk to the people that are closest to me and for me to dream about this, I believe is a higher meaning than what I can give credit to in a song.

10. Ghostwatcher is the last track on the album. Simply put, from the perspective of myself becoming the ghostwatcher in my dreams. Allowing it to overtake me and become something else entirely. "Sleepless nights have led you to my home, far from our own" is the last line. Which implies that traveling through the planes of dreaming allows us to become something else entirely - to dream outside of your own world.

Ghostwatcher refers to the view you have on your dreams. While asleep, dreaming is usually a hazy memory at best. Few can actually go into detail with their dreams and dealing with the lucidity of them is another topic entirely! But the "ghostwatcher" is your point of view on your dreams. As you may recall, when you see yourself in a dream, it's always from another perspective, or ghostwatcher as I call it. The album art shows a ghostwatcher and also the triangle with an eye in the middle refers to the state on unrest most of our world is in, not only in our dreams but also the differing forms of reality.

*All lyrics written by Andrew Loucks

On Tour:
w/ Shai Hulud, Thy Will Be Done, Altars
03/23 York, PA New Grounds
03/24 Fredericksburg, VA GMT Studio
03/25 Fayetteville, NC Drunken Horse Pub
03/26 Charleston, SC Skatepark Of Charleston
03/27 Douglasville, GA The 7 Venue
03/28 Orlando, FL The Bombshell Tavern
03/29 Pembroke Pines, FL The Talent Farm
03/30 Ocala, FL Ghostrider Saloon
03/31 Tallahassee, FL Handlebar
04/01 Decatur, AL Excalibur Vintage & Vinyl
04/02 Nashville, TN The Owl Farm
04/03 Springfield, MO Outland Ballroom
04/04 Evansville, IN The Hatch
04/05 Toledo, OH Frankies
04/06 Rochester, NY Flying Squirrel
04/07 Long Island, NY Mix Tapes Fest
w/ Sylar
04/17 Richmond, VA Kingdom w/ Gideon, Thick As Blood
04/19 Middletown, NY Sounds Asylum
04/20 Albany, NY Bogies w/ Affiance
04/21 Worcester, MA New England Metal & Hardcore Fest
04/22 Danbury, CT Heirloom Art Theatre
04/24 Trenton, NJ The Champions w/ Veil Of Maya, The Contortionist, Glass Cloud
04/28 London, ON Rum Runners
04/29 Ottawa, ON Maverick's
04/30 Quebec City, QC Dagobert
05/02 St. Catharines, ON Coco Cabana

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