Rick Ta Life loses his damned mind


Posted: 02/26/2014 | Views: 100,856

An unfolding internet drama began about a few weeks ago, when Rick Healy, frontman for 25 ta life, lost his damned mind and started talking trash on pretty much every stalwart in the hardcore music scene. I think it's pretty safe to say this won't end well. Inside: videos, facebook screenshots, hilarious content.

I think it may have been about three weeks ago when i started seeing Rick Ta Life posts trashing Fury of Five and all sorts of other bands and hardcore scene regulars. Here are some of the images produced by this mess.

It all started with this:

Rick talks some more shit (oi oi):

Rick talks a ton of shit on a lot of people i know:

Chinese fortune cookie agrees.

Digs his hole a little deeper:

Burns bridges with Hatebreed and Earth Crisis:

Burns more bridges with Madball and Wisdom in Chains:

Random popoff:

This whole mess has generated a lot of memes, this is my favorite:

And while we're at it:

Update - He posted this, LOL:

Please do me a solid

And spread and post this up on every board page you can find

Big news

25 ta life has a new cd in the works
live learn n listen on
Btb records

And limited cd

Okay thanks for the support

Heres some song teasers below


Detroit scumbag aka mike da gook
You set up harley cro mag
Thats wack snitch bones

Wisdom in a cockring

Scabby sadball

Kevone for a tuffguy your emo ya fruit
Richie mancuso
God i.wa.na be a mobb boss
freddy sadball im on my knees love richie krutch
Up the skinheads
John joseph and his merch scams ripped off promotors in va n md
Hxc fake
Fury of nerds
Reppin nj herbcore
Shit man god i.wish i was rick ta life aka nyhc king
Mad bookings of berlin germany
Welcome to the walmart of hxc bookings
Coa rules
Forever true represent
World wide united skinheads

Rap vs hxc
Say no to wack.ass whiteguy wanba be rap

Stick.to hxc punk oi heavymetal
Only.white rap
That gets a pass
Ill bill
House of pain
And beastie boys the rest is wack
Just listen to ezecs ugly face trying to rap
So bad lol

And a bonus track
Soia is wack
Earth crisis rules
Integrity too
Last song

Hxc sellout toby h20

You kiss ass herb

Whoever has a name you jock you sellout
Your all about fashion
You sellout
Sold out than ran back.and asked what happened
You sold out
Just say no
Oi oi

Up the skinheads


All of this mess spawned this video by Stikman:

Bottom line is, not since "Rick Ta Life on a horse" has the internet been buzzing so much about this washed up has been. If I were him I'd get on that horse and ride off into the sunset before he crosses paths with one of the numerous people he has pissed off recently.

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