Shape Of Despair Streaming New Album Right Here

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Posted: 06/09/2015 | Views: 3,040

Finnish funeral doom pioneers SHAPE OF DESPAIR are streaming their highly anticipated new album 'Monotony Fields' right here at 'Monotony Fields' will be released on June 16th in North America and is available across multiple formats.

Regarding the 'Monotony Fields' stream, SHAPE OF DESPAIR (Henri Koivula: vocals, Natalie Koskinen: vocals, Jarno Salomaa: guitars, keyboard, Tomi Ullgren (IMPALED NAZARENE): guitars, Sami Uusitalo (FINNTROLL): bass, Samu Ruotsalainen: drums) comments:

"We are proud to finally present the album we have been working with all these years. 'Monotony Fields' is our "Magnum Opus", a true reflection of the passion and emotions we feel towards our art. Please apply maximum volume and join us on this blank journey across the Monotony Fields."

Formed in 1995, SHAPE OF DESPAIR have since achieved underground acclaim in doom and death metal circles through the release of their three well-received albums 'Shades of...' (2000), 'Angels of Distress' (2001), and "Illusion's Play' (2004). SHAPE OF DESPAIR released 'Shades of...' and 'Illusion's Play' via Season of Mist, and both albums are currently streaming here.

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