Drug Church To Release New Album Oct. 30th

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Posted: 09/03/2015 | Views: 1,866

Avant-garde punk rock band Drug Church will release their sophomore, full-length album Hit Your Head on October 30th (CD/Digital) and December 18th (Vinyl) via No Sleep Records. In anticipation, the band has partnered with Noisey.com today to premiere the record’s first new song “Green Like Me.”


Drug Church is the logical limit of heavy alt. Like the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video pitting hard for Helmet. Hit Your Head, recorded with Jay Maas, fully embraces the futureless aesthetic the band hinted at on previous records. This is worst-body-on-the-beach music. These are fired-from-your-window-tinting-job songs. An album for people on probation for crimes that aren't even cool. Big riffs and petty concerns.

When describing their new song “Green Like Me,” Nick their guitarist says "you know when something real cool happens in your life and it turns out to be a super positive and life-altering experience? This song is definitely not about that."

No joke though, Drug Church’s latest offering has riffs for days. The record features eleven brand, spankin’ new tracks that are sure to blow your skirt up.

"You know when you find a real cool shirt at the Salvation Army or on eBay?,” Nick adds. “It may be a company you dig or a band you really like but the print is just so small and it looks real strange? You obviously still buy it but whenever you wear it, you feel the need to explain to people about how good of a deal you got on it? Hit Your Head is the sonic equivalent."

Hit Your Head Track List:
1. Banco Popular
2. Aleister
3. Aging Jerk
4. Bagged
5. Drunk Tank
6. Green Like Me
7. Park And Ride And Park And Ride
8. Hit Your Head, Greedy
9. Then Try
10. Big And Shitty
11. What

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