Six Reasons To Kill Reveal EP Details

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Posted: 01/28/2016 | Views: 5,347

SIX REASONS TO KILL have revealed the cover artwork and track list for new EP Rote Erde. The EP will be released March 11 through Bastardized Recordings on 7" vinyl with three limited-edition vinyl colors available. Rote Erde contains two new songs: the title track and a cover version of DISMEMBER's "Of Fire."

Impacted by line-up changes during the last year, SIX REASONS TO KILL became darker and more brutal in their songwriting, lyrics and artwork. The band plays brute Metal with a lot of anger. The new lyrics are written in German and deal with politically and socially critical topics.

The songs were recorded in summer 2015 at the Beast Audio Studios Frankfurt and mixed and mastered by Kohle at Kohlekeller Studio. The artwork was created by Schrottgrenze.

Rote Erde Track List:

1. Rote Erde
2. Of Fire (Dismember cover)

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