Schammasch Debut New Video

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Posted: 03/30/2016 | Views: 7,224

Swiss avant-garde extreme metal titans SCHAMMASCH have released a second exclusive track "Metanoia" from their highly anticipated new triple-album, "Triangle," which is set for worldwide release on April 29 via PROSTHETIC RECORDS. Described by Metal Hammer UK as "a vast conceptual work mapping out the soul's journey into the beyond, "Triangle" is a devastating rite of delverance".

Marking the third album in their discography, SCHAMMASCH's newest epic “Triangle” encompasses 100 minutes in its entirety, with three distinct 33-minute movements differing in atmosphere and style and each representing the three stages of the album's strong concept – Part I: The Process Of Dying, Part II: Metaflesh and Part III: The Supernal Clear Light Of The Void. This unique concept is visually represented through a series of four inventive photographs packaged as a bold triple-gatefold, limited-edition 3LP set and a 3CD set with imagery realized by acclaimed photographer Ester Segarra (Watain, Behemoth) and graphic designer Valnoir (Alcest, The Black Dahlia Murder). Rarely is such a grand musical and aesthetic feat accomplished within the bounds of extreme metal.

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