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Posted: 01/30/2017 | Views: 10,753

The gritty progressive metal band BARISHI have released a new music video for the track "The Great Ennead". The video, directed by Bobby Csehak showcases a live performance by the band, and is streaming now at the official Season of Mist YouTube Channel.

"The Great Ennead" appears on the band's ambitious new full-length, 'Blood from the Lion's Mouth'. The album, hailed as "a brilliantly bizarre beast, blending the two differing sub-genres of sludge and black metal and somehow not sounding like a confused mess at the end result...From the metal itself to the artwork, every aspect of Blood from the Lion's Mouth feels expertly executed." (WhatCulture) is streaming here.

BARISHI have announced several live dates across New England. The live dates, which begin on February 25 sees the band performing in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine before concluding on April 28, with more dates to be announced soon. A full list of confirmed live dates can be found below.

'Blood from the Lion's Mouth' was recorded by Brian Westbrook at PDP Recording in Greenfield, MA during winter 2015-2016, and features cover art by Brian Mercer (LAMB OF GOD, BLACK TUSK, WILDLIGHTS and many more).

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