Antidote To Release "The Rock Years" In June

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Posted: 04/11/2017 | Views: 6,288

On June 9, Old School Metal Records will release ANTIDOTE The Rock Years on vinyl and digital download.

Part of the first wave of American Hardcore, ANTIDOTE released the iconic Thou Shalt Not Kill in 1983, soon after the band first came together in New York City's lower east side.

After shutting down as a hardcore band in 1986, ANTIDOTE reunited as a hard rock outfit in 1988. Led by guitar player / principal songwriter Robb Nunzio & vocalist / filmmaker Drew Stone, the band was heavily influenced by Guns & Roses, Judas Priest and similar bands of the era. They soon released the Garrett Uhlenbrock (The Ramones) produced album Return 2 Burn on Metropolis Records.

The band was a mainstay on the circuit in New York City at the time including The Limelight, The Cat Club and L'amour with many of it's contemporaries including Circus Of Power and Blitzspeer. ANTIDOTE released Viva Los Pendejos in 1991, but folded again for good a year later.

After laying dormant for 16 years in 2008 the band reunited and is now enjoying a resurgence playing a combination of both styles. A compilation of the best tracks from multiple recordings from the 'Rock era' - including Return 2 Burn, We're Comin Afta You and Road Warrior - have been compiled and remastered for this compilation release.

"Revisiting these tracks many years later was really great and now that they are remastered they sound better than ever" said Guitarist Nunzio.

"I am excited that the best of this era is finally going to see the light of day" said vocalist Drew Stone. "People in Europe have always requested these tracks and it's nice that they are finally going to get the star treatment."

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