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Posted: 04/19/2017 | Views: 5,041

Acclaimed Icelandic rock band SÓLSTAFIR are streaming another new track off their highly anticipated new album 'Berdreyminn'. The track, titled "Silfur-Refur" is now exclusively streaming worldwide via Roadburn Festival's official website.

This single will be available as a limited edition 10" vinyl in two variants, and will feature a B-side track titled "Scorpion Moonrise". The 'Silfur-Refur’ 10" will be made available exclusively at Roadburn Festival this weekend, and any remaining stock will be made available through the Season of Mist E-Shop after the event.

Regarding the new track, SÓLSTAFIR vocalist/guitarist Aðalbjörn Tryggvason comments: "The song ‘Silfur-Refur’ revolves around having a sick ghost version of yourself taking control of your life. You resist with all you have, but you simply don’t stand a chance. It travels with you all the time, asleep or awake. The song was written in a few parts – with the intro being one of them. We knew right away that this would be the opener of the album."

Tryggvason continues; "The other track, 'Scorpion Moonrise' was written in only one day, on which we also recorded the demo. The moment, the opening riff kicked in, I already pictured Mat singing it since the riff reminded me so much of HEXVESSEL – as in their powerful live performances that we have witnessed many times while touring with them. As we are good friends and have followed Mat’s career in VOID, CODE, DHG, HEXVESSEL, BEASTMILK, and GRAVE PLEASURES, we all agreed that he would be the perfect guy to lay down his vocals on it. We just love the result and he made the song into what it is today. It’s also nice to hear a bit of English again in SÓLSTAFIR as we have used that language in the past – and also continue our tradition of occasionally inviting guest singers."

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