Jesus Piece related: Get Kodi on the Ellen show!


Posted: 08/02/2017 | Views: 6,624

Shared from hate5six: This is Kodi the Supergirl and Jesus Piece, you fake ass motherfuckers! Help mention and spread the word so she can maybe get some new equipment from the Ellen show.

From hate5six:

I was on a Nickelodeon commercial when I was Kodi's age and it was the coolest shit ever. I've been talking to her dad and even though she knows it might not happen, she really hopes it does so Ellen can "give her a brand new bass + amp". They are very excited about the positive response to the video and everyone's desire to help cultivate her growing interest in hardcore.
Momentum is building to get Kodi on Ellen so the world can see how fearless and badass she is. Here are ways to help:

1. Tag @theellenshow on this IG: right here
2. RT/tag @theellenshow on this tweet: right here
3. Share

This is Kodi the Supergirl and Jesus Piece, you fake ass motherfuckers #kodithesupergirl #jesuspiece #hate5six #thisishardcore

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