Left to Vanish announce Bob Meadows (A Life Once Lost) as new vocalist!


Posted: 09/19/2017 | Views: 9,684

We just had this sent to us and we knew it would interest all fans of ALOL. Announcement inside!

Left to Vanish have parted ways with their interim vocalist Will Walker, as the band has been in the studio for the last few months. Their latest release "Dethroned" is in its final stages of production and is slated to be released this Fall. "

"We have known Bob for a long time, we've been in a lot of the same musician circles. We're really excited with how this has turned out - his voice separates Left to Vanish from a lot of the mediocrity that exists in the scene today. Our music has become more advanced (thank god) and we're pleased that we have a vocalist to match. " "Dethroned" will be the first official release from Left to Vanish in nearly 10 years." Says Bryan Little of the band.

Bob has confirmed with SK that he will still be doing the Mind Power project, they are slated to play the East Coast Tsunami fest on Saturday 9/23. he has also confirmed that he currently in 3 bands already and it will be 5 by the end of the year, which is pretty ridiculous. Excited to see what lies in the future for all of these projects.

One of Left to Vanish's latest efforts:

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