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Posted: 09/21/2017 | Views: 5,326

This was a pleasant surprise to find this artist today, he is extremely talented. More details inside.

I just discovered this artist tonight, I found him while browsing my Haulix account, which is the software I receive the digital promotions for the site through. This Hong Kong artist made his way onto the Prosthetic Records roster, and honestly, this might be the most talented artist they have ever had. His guitar work is mezmerizing and has made my night a lot more pleasant. I was on the prowl for innovative, intelligent music and that's exactly what I found. This is reminiscent of Joe Satriani to me, with a post-rock vibe.

Squeaky Switch, from the new album "Absence of Words":


The album will be released worldwide on October 13, 2017, which is also my birthday!

Absence of Words Track listing:
1. Polarized
2. Reactive Impulse
3. Morning Breeze (featuring Rafa De la Garza)
4. Dance of Awakening (The Spirit)
5. Squeaky Switch
6. Now! You! Know! (featuring Josh Smith)
7. Moving On

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I have no legs!
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I have no legs!
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