GLASSJAW stream new album "Material Control"


Posted: 12/01/2017 | Views: 779

After 15 years of silence, Glassjaw is back!

Glassjaw is back with a new album after 15 years! From what we've heard, this is much more mature material than they have released in the past, and they have dropped the misogyny for a more aware approach to lyricism. Have a listen below.

Track Listing:
Material Control Track List

1. "New White Extremity"
2. "Shira"
3. "11 Days"
4. "Golgotha"
5. "Pretty Hell"
6. "Bastille Day"
7. "Pompeii"
8. "Bibleland"
9. "Closer"
10. "My Conscience Weighs A Ton"
11. "Material Control"
12. "Cut And Run"

You can order the album here.

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