TIME premiere new video 'Through The Skin Of My Teeth', EP coming 7/20!


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SK is super stoked to premiere a new video "Through The Skin Of My Teeth", a pretty depressing jam with a purpose. The first time I heard this song I loved it, and I hope you do too!

I have been a fan of Little League and Kill Verona for years so I was pretty excited when Chris Margarite hit me up to premiere this video. This new project TIME is definitely more along the lines of a shoegaze-ish project than the other bands he was in, which to me is great because I love shoegaze.

HEAVY HEARTS is a three-song EP recorded in Haddon Heights NJ, mastered and engineered by Dave Downham. The band is also working on a full-length album. Without further ado, here's Through The Skin Of My Teeth!

Also, Chris was nice enough to answer a few questions about the new album.


SK Chris First, how are you, what's good, what's going on in your life?
TIME Chris I’m good Chris, kids are healthy and business is good. More importantly how are you doing man?

SK I'm doing well, about as busy as someone can be. So, let's talk TIME. What caused you to want to start another band? How did you meet these dudes and formulate the plan for this?
TIME It started with me fucking around with a few acoustic songs that I recorded in a closet in my companies corporate housing at our Florida location. I showed Paul and Jon them and they wanted to start another band since we don’t get to do much with Kill Verona (our singer lives in L.A) We recorded some demos at my house in Pennsylvania and I didn’t have a bass so I asked Matt to come over and when we realized that I can’t play the drums, guitar and sing at the same TIME we asked Brandon if he could play to a metronome.... lol Brandon loves metronomes.

SK This song seems pretty honest. Is this you telling a story and baring your soul, or telling a story for the sake of the song?
TIME It started with a few lines that just kind of worked with the guitar part. Then I told a story around that. It’s not about me but I use some pieces of my life to tell the story.

SK Your past projects (Kill Verona, Little League) sound nothing like this. What drives the songwriting process, and what genre influenced this the most?
TIME I basically listen to hatebreed, brand new, Elliott Smith and Cardi B. So I would say it’s an even blend.

SK This video is reminiscent of 90s alternative videos on MTV. Give us a little background on how the concept for the video.
TIME I hit my friend Kurt up and said "I wrote this song about falling in love, ruining your life and eventually.... we’ll watch the video first" and Kurt was all like "that’s dope af man, come over my house and let’s shoot that in my guest room" So we did that the day after we got done tracking the record.

SK Tell us a little more about the ending of the video. How has suicide impacted you or the other band members personally?
TIME This song and album is in the memory of those who we’ve lost to suicide all proceeds from our ep HEAVY HEARTS will be donated to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. If you or someone you know is battling with depression or thoughts of suicide call +1-800-273-HELP (8255)

SK What are your future plans? We will be premiering the album next week, where do you go from there? Tour, full album?
TIME We wrote this ep 4 months ago and since have been writing like crazy putting a full length together. We will also be announcing a string of shows shortly.

SK I'm not going to lie, I love this song and love the video and its message. What is the overall purpose of the band? Are you going to stick together and put out a lot of albums or be a one and done? Hopefully not. I only ask this because this happens all the TIME when an underground band puts out a great EP.
TIME My plan is to just keep writing stuff and jamming with my buds. Even if people don’t like our music I will still record it and put it on Spotify.

SK What current / past bands influenced this sound, and what are you personally jamming out to?
TIME Brand new and NOTHING

SK Say whatever you want here about the new album, new band, or whatever you want. Are you familiar with TIME Husk? TIME Cube?
TIME ???????, thanks for taking the TIME to read this thing, Checking out my beautiful face for a few minutes on film, Illegally downloading our record next week and following us on Instagram @TIME_the_band


About TIME

Chris Margarite- Guitar / vocals
Jon Hunt - Guitar / vocals
Paul Butterly- guitar
Matt smith - bass
Brandon Wallace- drums

We are from the Philadelphia area. Chris Jon and Paul are members of Kill Verona Jon was also in no Roses. Matt Smith shark attack, Brokencyde, falling in reverse Brandon Wallace I hate you, Champion, Knives out, American Nightmare.

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