Benny Goodman of Symphinity Answers the Getting It Out Questionnaire

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Posted: 07/09/2019 | Views: 1,406

GETTING IT OUT PODCAST has been talking to a lot of people lately, but it's not enough! In an attempt to get more of the most important questions answered, the GETTING IT OUT QUESTIONNAIRE has been created. Ten of the MOST important questions that we need to know! This week's interviewee is the great BENNY GOODMAN of SYMPHINITY! Check it out!

How would you describe your music to a stranger?

One part shred metal, one part classical, one part cinematic score. In other words, the least marketable music anyone could ever write. NOT Ed Sheeran.

How often do you wash your legs?

I shower once to twice a day, so I always make sure to get to my legs. I also make sure to moisturize, but I’ll be honest that I don’t do that for my legs every shower.

Who or what has been your biggest influence?

Musically I started off with all things Freddie Mercury. My first 10 albums were all Queen records, so I just thought that you don’t get better than this. To this day I still feel the same way. As far as guitar, it was people like Eddie Van Halen, Dimebag, Randy Rhoads, Jason Becker, and Marty Friedman that really got me started out wanting to learn.

Would a werewolf go to a doctor or a veterinarian?

I imagine he probably has a guy and I deeply suspect that is neither a doctor or a vet.

Do you listen to your own music?

All the time, and certainly not in the way I think Kanye West listens to his music “for” people. I am a producer so every song you hear I spent literally 1000+ hours on. To be a truly great producer, which I’m not claiming to be, you really have to obsess over the music. Music is like many things in that you don’t always pickup things the first go or you don’t internalize necessarily what you like immediately. I’ll go on long walks with headphones with 20 unfinished mixes playing them over and over so I can figure out all of things I need to redo.

Is a conjoined twin one or two things?

Considering I’m actually a twin I would say two? Although that then begs the question, where are the twins conjoined? If you got two heads as a human being, you’re two people. If you have four legs but one head I think it could be argued either way.

What will it take for you to feel accomplished as an artist?

To be able to do nothing but compose and play music every single day and have a demand enough to play it where that’s all I have to worry about.

Is there a difference between pissing your pants and pissing into your pants?

I feel like pissing into your pants seems more like a premeditated action. Pissing your pants can be done completely under the radar. Taking off my pants, aiming, and taking the initiative to actually choose to piss in my pants in a much more cerebral action.

What are you most proud of?

When I write music and collaborate with people and the finished product gives me goosebumps. You write a song not knowing if it’s going to be awesome or suck, sometimes if you’re going to play guitar or maybe Eddie Van Halen? So, when everything works out and after an insane amount of work you’re just sitting back and hearing the music you originally only heard in your head…yet this time through speakers…you feel like a proud parent to some killer riffs.

What is the worst possible show you can imagine playing?

Any one where the stupid people backstage don’t realize to separate the M&Ms by color. What kinda cruel catering company does that noise? Kidding. The worst thing I could imagine would be working months, maybe even years on music, perfecting it, spending all of your time, efforts, and money on it, to drive somewhere far away for NO ONE to care. Unfortunately, that’s a very real scenario and I wish it weren’t so rampant in the music industry.

What’s the easiest way to keep up with the band (social media, websites, etc)?

You can find us at:

Follow me on FB Benny Goodman or IG: @thebennygoodman

When the album is released on Aug 2 you will be able find us with all major download sites and streaming.

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