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5/17/2005 12:39:00 PM
Help Save America's Wild Horses From Slaughter

Wild horses, a beloved and cherished symbol of our nation's heritage, have been protected from sale and slaughter for over 30 years. However, a stealth amendment -- snuck into a massive budget bill at the end of last year -- has allowed these horses to be commercially sold once again.

In recent weeks, at least 41 wild mustangs were sold by the government and then, within days, resold to an Illinois slaughterhouse. We cannot let this continue. Take action today to help save these majestic animals.

Congress will be considering the Rahall-Whitfield amendment to ensure that tax dollars are never used for sales of wild horses that could lead to their slaughter. This week, when this amendment is being considered, we must reach every single member of the U.S. House of Representatives and secure their votes for the Rahall-Whitfield amendment.

1. Take action. Contact your U.S. Representative and urge him or her to vote YES on the Rahall-Whitfield amendment. Click here to contact your Representative now.

2. Make a call. This amendment is going up for a vote this Thursday, May 19th. Please take a moment to make a short phone call urging your Representative to vote yes on the Rahall-Whitfield amendment. (Not sure what to say? Click here.)

3. Spread the word. Every single U.S. Representative needs to hear from us. Ask your friends and family to call their Representatives as well.

Knowing that 41 beautiful wild mustangs have already been slaughtered is simply devastating. Please, stand with us and do everything you can to spare the lives of these iconic and majestic wild horses.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of animals,
Wayne Pacelle

President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States