So I finally graduated high school 14 replies, 22571 views

6/10/2005 12:40:00 PM
and god damn does it feel good
6/10/2005 12:42:00 PM
conrats dude.
The Ultimate Warrior
6/10/2005 12:43:00 PM
I have to wait until next Friday. It sucks.
carlos danger
6/10/2005 12:44:00 PM
yes, congrats... it's a big step towards... more school, but it sucks less.
6/10/2005 12:45:00 PM
this is me last wednesday night.

air horns and beach balls flowed like water.
6/10/2005 12:57:00 PM
give it 5 more years and you'll wish that you could go back..not for the work or the people but just the lack of responsibility because the real world can kick your ass if you're not ready for it
6/10/2005 1:35:00 PM
waking up in the morning with no obligations is the best thing in the world.
miss laura
6/10/2005 1:36:00 PM
congratulations! it's your last summer of freedom, so enjoy it.

ps- college absolutely rules, don't let anyone scare you into thinking otherwise.
6/10/2005 1:36:00 PM
Yay? But one day you'll wish you were back in highschool.
6/10/2005 6:15:00 PM
me too. gooo us!
6/10/2005 6:18:00 PM
prepare yourself. college fucking blows.
6/10/2005 6:50:00 PM
congratulations man

my only regret of highschool was being a bitch and not stuffing more hoes
Program Files
6/10/2005 6:56:00 PM
Originally posted by:XBOX

Originally posted by:Fuck. You. Core.

prepare yourself. college fucking blows.

it really does...
6/10/2005 7:08:00 PM
yeah, I'd hate college if it were like high school.

and congrats as well
6/11/2005 1:10:00 AM
yeah i'm gonna have a lot of summer, and i'm psyched to go off to college