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7/1/2005 5:12:00 PM
ok i tried this in the personals forum, now im gonna try here: i have a panda ham, 3 months old. his names Yuki. hes very gentle, nibbles a little bit, but doesnt ever bite. he has two cages connected together, ones a huge wheel cage, the other is a regular crittertrail cage. i have nowhere near enough time to take care of him properly anymore. if anyone is interested in him, PM me. hes totally free, cages, food, and all. i just ask that you give him loads of loves!
7/2/2005 7:22:00 AM
what is a panda ham?
7/2/2005 7:23:00 PM
uh. a hamster. thats looks like a panda. hes black and white...
7/3/2005 6:48:00 PM
personals forum? where is that? is that new?