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the pigeon
8/29/2005 6:56:00 PM
not sure if this has been posted, but it's Googles new messenger program

go here for it

it has a really enhanced voice chatting system. the sound is just like you're on the phone
a national acrobat
8/29/2005 7:08:00 PM
the voice chat thing rules
8/29/2005 7:12:00 PM
With hope it doesn't flop like that Orkut thing did.
the pigeon
8/29/2005 7:21:00 PM
Originally posted by:RyanX

the voice chat thing rules

it is amazingly clear. it surprised me
8/29/2005 7:44:00 PM
skype + aim.
8/29/2005 7:48:00 PM
yeah it was already posted
8/29/2005 8:02:00 PM
I finally used this for the first time today - makes me realize how much shit i don't use on aim and msn.