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11/1/2005 9:02:00 AM
a great band. Anyone hear ever heard of them? I just got into them recently and wanted to know where I can find some history on these guys. Perhaps buy some more of their CD's
11/1/2005 9:21:00 AM
11/1/2005 2:29:00 PM
I take it not a good band to see live right?
Ron Shark
11/1/2005 2:30:00 PM
I think they are, dude has a great voice. Which album do you have?
11/1/2005 4:20:00 PM
Vintersorg CDs are exercises in vocal masturbation. The guy loves the sound of his own voice too much.
Slit your guts
11/1/2005 7:28:00 PM
This is one of the best bands after Otyg, Vintersorg has awesome vochs and everything just kicks ass only disliked one cd visions from the spiral generator wasent to great but the best he put out was Till Fjalls.
Ron Shark
11/2/2005 8:49:00 AM
I do have the feeling that this singer is a cocky bastard.