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heartless bitch
9/18/2006 6:18:00 PM
(a certain sir mastrean should turn back now... there's a bit of the ol' four letter word scheme in here, and thusly the content would be ruined for you.)

i think she saw me.

i couldn't help but look, and in hindsight, i'm far too self indulgent but God almighty, what a face.

Jesus Christ, girls like this are the reason the good Lord crucified Himself. but how good IS the good Lord, i mean, honestly... she has everything, not to mention my heart. charm, kindness, grace, and above all, a body that




i wonder if she knows the definition in her thigh is enough to drive you mad. i wonder if she knows i can smell her when she leans forward, spicy and sweet with every toss of her head.

i wonder if she knows that after i fuck her, she'll be a slut.

i think she saw me.

i hope she did.
The Surfing Alien
9/18/2006 7:09:00 PM
heartless bitch
9/18/2006 7:15:00 PM
yeah, well... your mom's terrible.

The Surfing Alien
9/18/2006 7:32:00 PM
heartless bitch
9/18/2006 7:37:00 PM
ps- rollins says you have a good eye.
The Surfing Alien
9/18/2006 8:12:00 PM
just write some poems that'll blow these other fools away
9/20/2006 9:01:00 AM
i kinda like that...its different.
9/22/2006 10:05:00 AM
oh god that is so stupid hahahaha