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7/11/2007 2:20:00 PM
I just recently started using a bike as my main mode of transportation. I ride about 7-8 miles a day.

I have a terrible bike at the moment and really need to find a new one, in my price range.

I am 5'2".
Price range under 200.00.
Reliable but nothing fancy.

If you could help me out that would be great.
I live very close to south street so if you know anything in the area that would be great too, but I have a car and am willing to drive a distance to a good bike.
7/11/2007 3:00:00 PM
Road bike I assume?

If you do craigslist, look for a 49-51cm bike. That should just about fit you. When you go to check it out, make sure the bike rides smooth (if it wobbles a bit on flat pavement, the wheels are either out of true or the hubs are shot/need to be serviced/overhauled). Also run it through all the gears and make sure the shifts are smooth. If you hear a crunching sound, the rear derailleur might need to be's not a hard fix, but you don't want to be riding something unsafe.

You can also go to Via Bicycle on 9th and south and have them build you a bike from the ground up or sell you one off the floor (they will also fit you for the bike). They do overcharge for certain things, but $200 should get you something that will hold up for a while....might not be the prettiest bike, but it will be built up correctly.
jen dobbs
7/11/2007 3:20:00 PM
you could get one from target or walmart, but it might not be a "good bike"

A friend got a GMC road bike from Amazon for 150 (including shipping), and he loves it. He just had to put it together.
sup sluts
7/11/2007 4:13:00 PM
get it from a bike store, not target or walmart, they will sell you a 30 lbs. piece of shit. I have a raleigh that was about $250 and it's really light and reliable
7/11/2007 4:48:00 PM
Yeah I will be lugging it up and down my stairs at night, and something light would be ideal.

Ive seen Via Bike and Elite Bikes and was thinking about stopping in, thanks.