attn drummer. looking to upgrade my kit 1 replies, 2772 views

12/12/2007 9:10:00 PM
i have a shitty cb kit. it was my first kit that i bought real cheap to see if i wanted to stick with drums. i have a snare(well its with the redtops now) and sabian b8 cymbals on the way, but i need to upgrade my toms/kick. what should i get? nothing too expensive, but better than what i have.
12/12/2007 10:25:00 PM
my very first drumset ever as a kid was cb....

what kind of b8 cymbals? just regular b8? b8pro?

Here is what you have to ask yourself....what is worse, price or cost?

this is what i mean.

what is the PRICE of a new set and what would be the COST of getting your current set to where you want it to be....

When i got a new set i upgraded to a tama rockstar and it did me wonders, I had a $400 snare(mapex black panther) which go stolen on one of the first shows.........

you may be better off just getting new drums