favorite hip hop cd ever? 33 replies, 13713 views

1/7/2009 10:47:00 AM
Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth
1/7/2009 10:49:00 AM
1/7/2009 10:50:00 AM
1/7/2009 10:50:00 AM
doctor octagon or lucy ford, cant really pick which one
1/7/2009 10:53:00 AM
as cliché as it is, 36 Chambers is my personal favorite. That or Cypress Hill - Black Sunday.
Flip Wilson22
1/7/2009 10:57:00 AM
illmatic- nas
geto boys- geto boys
4,5,6,- kool g rap
1/7/2009 10:58:00 AM
impossible to narrow down. seriously.
Steven Greathouse.
1/7/2009 10:58:00 AM
Flip Wilson22
1/7/2009 10:59:00 AM
if you count Dj Shadow as hip hop then Entroducing

it's probably my fav album ever of any genre
1/7/2009 11:07:00 AM
Originally posted by: insomnispense

impossible to narrow down. seriously.

Jeremy DeLa
1/7/2009 11:18:00 AM
hell on earth is what i used to listen to all the time on the bus rides to albany. so that album is sentimental haha... but "the infamous" is way better.

i've always really liked papoose, necro, and tons others but never like a specific album, i usually just made mix cd's.

so it probably would be the infamous haha... if i had never heard "shook ones pt. 2" i woulda never even have thought twice about hip hop
$teve grove
1/7/2009 11:20:00 AM
Originally posted by: leeloo.

Jeremy DeLa
1/7/2009 11:23:00 AM
nevermind, i used to listen to murda music on the way to albany... hell on earth was a banger though
Mariano Rivera
1/7/2009 11:28:00 AM
the only hip hop cd i could ever get through entirely was sheek louch's after taxes. i would listen to it with the puerto rican kid i used to do groundskeeping with and it really grew on me.
chocolate juice
1/7/2009 11:35:00 AM
Wu-tang - enter the 36 chambers followed by a close second NWA's straight outta compton
existential antelope
1/7/2009 11:37:00 AM
Originally posted by:NBK

Wu-tang - enter the 36 chambers followed by a close second - doggy style

Jeremy DeLa
1/7/2009 11:37:00 AM
1/7/2009 11:42:00 AM
1/7/2009 11:47:00 AM
i'm gonna try to do this, it definitely won't be just one

2pac-all eyez on me
wu-tang-36 chambers
b.i.g.-ready to die
jay-z-reasonable doubt
tribe-beats, rhythm & life
aesop rock-float

so tough.
Jeremy DeLa
1/7/2009 11:53:00 AM
aesop rock is wayyyyy outta character with the rest of them albums you listed haha
Ian G.
1/7/2009 12:11:00 PM
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Originally posted by: leeloo.

1/7/2009 12:51:00 PM
Originally posted by:insomnispense

jay-z-reasonable doubt

eric lfd
1/7/2009 1:22:00 PM
1/7/2009 1:26:00 PM
^ that's a great cd
eric lfd
1/7/2009 1:27:00 PM
haha its my favorite
eric lfd
1/7/2009 1:33:00 PM