the crazies 11 replies, 17781 views

2/14/2010 10:03:00 PM
so i don't really know much about this movie yet other than it's a remake and the trailer looks pretty badass. i'll be seeing this but as far as expectations go i'm not really sure at the moment. i get a hills have eyes/28 days later vibe from the trailer, and i liked that movie, both original and remake. any thoughts/opinions on this movie?
Billy Crystals
2/14/2010 10:05:00 PM
I like the original or not and the remake doesn't look awful but I guess I'll have to wait and see.
2/15/2010 7:37:00 AM
I wasn't into the original all that much. I think half the praise it got was because it was a Romero film. The remake looks decent.
2/15/2010 8:29:00 AM
sorta wanna see
2/15/2010 8:39:00 AM
looks aight.
2/15/2010 10:20:00 AM
the original wasn't bad at all. i don't like remakes, so probably i'll never give a chance to the new one.
2/15/2010 12:26:00 PM
The originals seem unfinished. But cool. I'm into it. tired or remakes tho. Wren write a damn horror movie already
2/15/2010 12:37:00 PM
Haha. I've actually thought of it. About 3-4 years ago, out of boredom, i started writing an outline. Never even finished that. Maybe someday i'll get back to it.
2/15/2010 1:15:00 PM
The trailer is reasonably effective, but I'm sure it will end up sucking.
Peter SteeleyDan
2/15/2010 3:01:00 PM
all Romero remakes have sucked donkey dick so far.. this probably will too
2/15/2010 3:08:00 PM
I'll probably see this.
2/15/2010 7:47:00 PM
everytime i see the title of this movie in print i hear will rahmer in my head saying it.