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viva hate
10/22/2010 12:41:00 PM
Hey guys, we have a roommate moving out soon. If you need a place to live in the royersford area, hit me up.

no deposit
utilities included
very large room (approx. 15x20+)
w/ closet

stained glass windows....
oh yeah, we live in a 19th century baptist church.

we have 2 cats and a dog, me and my fellow.

must have "special" personality to live here. there is a recording studio upstairs, so it's loud sometimes. generally does not stay loud super late. huge kitchen/living room you have full use of.

ass nipples
10/22/2010 12:43:00 PM
well this rules
viva hate
10/22/2010 12:48:00 PM
Originally posted by: skot667

that place looks haunted as fuck

not haunted. i mean... not very.
10/22/2010 12:49:00 PM
it's an awesome place.
10/22/2010 12:51:00 PM
Originally posted by: skot667

that place looks haunted as fuck

there are no such thing as ghosts. i should know. i live in england.
joe vena
10/22/2010 12:52:00 PM
Originally posted by: skot667

that place looks haunted as fuck

i'd totally be down for living here if i didn't go to school two and half hours away
10/22/2010 1:35:00 PM
that house looks awesome.
10/22/2010 1:52:00 PM
almost would move out of my house down the street to come live here.
Brett Weir
10/22/2010 1:53:00 PM
Totally would if I had a job lined up, no joke.
ass nipples
10/22/2010 1:54:00 PM
Originally posted by: amandaaa

that house looks awesome.

Originally posted by: viva hate

oh yeah, we live in a 19th century baptist church.

Sandy Dickhands
10/22/2010 1:55:00 PM
fuck that's cheap (and a huge fucking room too)
10/22/2010 1:56:00 PM
what grimy fuck did you have to throw out of this
10/22/2010 1:57:00 PM
I'm convinced that Davey is an English ghost.
viva hate
10/22/2010 2:57:00 PM
Yan: we haven't had any grimy fucks since gavlick :) jaykayyyyyyy

The girl living with us decided the commute to her school was getting to be too much, so she's moving to the city.

Really? No one needs a cheap place to live?

Come to Royersford: New America.

Sandy Dickhands
10/22/2010 2:58:00 PM
mandakattzzz will move in, pending employment
10/22/2010 2:59:00 PM
viva hate
10/22/2010 3:03:00 PM
Oh goodness, how did you find that picture of me from my college days? Embarrraaasssinggg
10/22/2010 3:19:00 PM
get schnell to move in
10/22/2010 3:20:00 PM
sounds like a pretty sweet deal. If I lived in the area I'd consider it ha.
viva hate
10/22/2010 9:31:00 PM
Bump for america.

Also, you can take that up with my butt, cause it's the only one who gives a crap.
10/22/2010 9:45:00 PM
Originally posted by: Strickland

mandakattzzz will move in, pending employment

i live down the street, and I would move if that ever happened.
10/22/2010 10:13:00 PM
looking for a room.

10/22/2010 11:49:00 PM
I'm trying to move out of Philly and this would be great, but I have a dog and cat, and lots of stuff. Hell, I would pay $500/month for utilities included for just a room.

I'm in an open lease about to pay $1,100/ month plus utils.
10/22/2010 11:50:00 PM
id try to do this if i wasnt moving out west. mostly because your roomate has a sweet bike.
viva hate
10/23/2010 9:04:00 AM
George: you'd have to take up the pet thing with mike. I know he doesn't give a crap about the cat thing, but he's a little ehh about bringing a new dog into the house. I personally don't care, but he pays the mortgage. You would be free to put your "stuff" anywhere. The living room has tons of space and needs stuff, and the room we're renting out is very large.

Joe: you meet the nicest people on a honda
Baby Cole is gay
10/23/2010 9:53:00 AM
Well thats just about the coolest house ever. I'd be down if I knew ya's... and it wasn't so far from my family.