seeing Woe in Oakland on Sunday 3 replies, 41455 views

Eric Paradox
3/1/2011 4:07:00 PM
stoked for them to finally be playing around here and with a bunch of badass grind bands at a punk as fuck venue.

Billy Crystals
3/1/2011 4:18:00 PM
Woe and Wormrot on the same bill? Kind of weird but I'd be down.
3/1/2011 6:09:00 PM
i just moved back, im gonna come out
Eric Paradox
3/2/2011 7:54:00 PM
rad, dude! there's Whitehorse, Godstomper and Laudanum on Friday... Oroku, Badr Vogu, Hazzards Cure, Negative Standards on Saturday and then this Wormrot show Sunday. fucking solidly stacked weekend.