Dude got stabbed a block from my house. 9 replies, 11119 views

Steven Greathouse.
11/7/2011 7:25:00 AM
On Friday night a guy got stabbed in the face and stomach. Happened like a block away from my house. This is at least the sixth time someone has been stabbed since I've lived here.
Bashar al-Acab
11/7/2011 7:35:00 AM
what's your next move
11/7/2011 7:50:00 AM
Was (s)he black?
Steven Greathouse.
11/7/2011 7:57:00 AM
Nah white cracker.
Peter SteeleyDan
11/7/2011 8:00:00 AM
Originally posted by: Westley Gisbon

what's your next move

11/7/2011 8:04:00 AM
The further south you go, the more morbid shit gets. My girlfriend's neighbor was a sex offender who committed suicide, but when they investigated the realized his girlfriend had been missing for a few weeks. They found her cut up and spread out all over the park. Needless to say, I don't go to that park anymore fearing I'd find human bones or some shit
Crack Pie
11/7/2011 8:39:00 AM
people die across the street from my house everyday......shits crazy man....watch your back when you are in Johns Hopkins hood
talking shit
11/7/2011 11:11:00 AM
death comes ripping
Bashar al-Acab
11/7/2011 11:12:00 AM
time cums husking
11/7/2011 11:38:00 AM
stabbed in the face? rough.