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2/2/2013 8:51:00 AM
Good morning, I'm awake and hungover bc my body hates when I have fun. It was a pleasant surprise running into everyone last night. I felt like a real adult when I got home and realized that all I talked about with almost everyone was recipes.

What are your plans for today? What are you eating? Are you happy with your life?
2/2/2013 9:00:00 AM
I woke up still dying of the flu, but i had an extremely hot bath and took some paracetemol and now i feel fine.
I am going to a party this evening. My girlfriend's uncle is 70. I am going to drink lots of whisky.
Higgs boson
2/2/2013 9:09:00 AM
I am very mildly hung over. I feel like I could have slept in until 2.
2/2/2013 9:09:00 AM
Last night was quite fun. My head hurts now. I need to do homework.
chocolate juice
2/2/2013 9:13:00 AM
screaming pain down the back of my neck and I have a site inspection this morning. gonna be a long day.
2/2/2013 9:14:00 AM
Working outside on an optional day. Im an idiot.
2/2/2013 9:15:00 AM
HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY!!!! Best holiday ever! What better way to spend it then all day double time at work.

Follow me and give me half your income. We will write it off on taxes as a donation to my church.

2/2/2013 9:42:00 AM
Fun filled fact about me.

When Lauren was delivering Noah I spent the time sharing my love of groundhogs day with a nurse.
2/2/2013 10:41:00 AM
I'm going to buy ingredients to make two huge mufalettas for tomorrow's NOLA themed Super Bowl party. We are also having gumbo, beignets, and deep frying a turkey

And Abita beets
talking shit
2/2/2013 10:53:00 AM
Making tea.Hanging with Dogs. Rocking to the new Dropkick Murphys stuff.Then going to a brick by brick fest n Altoona.Chris Brickhouse I heart you and miss you ..come hang broski.
2/2/2013 11:34:00 AM
I ordered two Hoggies from Hog Island for delivery. This made me feel like a chump bc we live really close, but I'm hungover and I need my food brought to me.. I wish I didn't have to put pants on though.

Also never got a hoagie/Hoggie from hog island. Better be good!

Hog island
Hot guy land
A Message to you
2/2/2013 11:38:00 AM
Just broke my piece. It was a gift from a good friend too. Now I need something to smoke out of.
It helps with the anxiety. Also, it got me off the pills. I meant a lot to me. I'm a faggot. So mad at myself right now.
A Message to you
2/2/2013 11:55:00 AM
Went through my vinyl. I have some really cool shit. Like every Jimmy Cliff. Listened to it for about four hours while I cleaned the house.

This. Is the real deal.

2/2/2013 12:09:00 PM
One second after I ordered $18 worth of food, I got a text from my mom telling me she just dropped a hoagie off on my doorstep. Double hoagie morning.
2/2/2013 12:11:00 PM
2/2/2013 12:12:00 PM
Hog archipelago
2/2/2013 12:14:00 PM
Hey Davey, what kind of beans do English people use with breakfast?
2/2/2013 12:15:00 PM
pork fjord
2/2/2013 12:15:00 PM
Baked beans. Usually heinz.
They are haricot beans which have been cooked in a relatively sweet tomato sauce.
2/2/2013 12:19:00 PM
Thank you. I tried bush's about 2 weeks ago and the sauce they were in seemed too thick. I'll try heinz next time
2/2/2013 12:19:00 PM
Cole's mother is an absolute saint. Great lady. Wish she'd bring me a sandwich.
2/2/2013 12:20:00 PM
Originally posted by: A Message to you

I meant a lot to me.

ass nipples
2/2/2013 12:56:00 PM
Originally posted by: He_Hate_Me

pork fjord

2/2/2013 1:08:00 PM
Balls Of Fury is a funny movie. The main guy is really funny and it's a shame I don't see him in more movies. He was also in Type O's video fr "I Don't Want To Be Me", so he rules.
2/2/2013 1:32:00 PM
Originally posted by: DennisQ

Cole's mother is an absolute saint. Great lady. Wish she'd bring me a sandwich.

You know she would. She loves you Denny doodle.
2/2/2013 1:32:00 PM
Originally posted by: cole

Double hoagie morning.