Immortal Technique, Brother Ali, Diabolic 6 replies, 6777 views

Dan Conner
8/10/2013 2:34:00 PM
click here for link

Dan Conner
8/10/2013 2:47:00 PM
I'm going to the Santa Cruz stop. Can't wait. 3 of my top 5 current hip hop artists right here.
$teve grove
8/11/2013 12:12:00 AM
thats pretty sick. no ohio date though
Man is Truth
8/11/2013 2:47:00 PM
Does Brother Ali also play Mike in Breaking Bad?

Totally going to the Philly show. I had tickets for a Technique show in April, but that same night my cat got run over, and I had to stick around/was crying all night.
8/11/2013 4:30:00 PM
i am the eye in the sky, looking at youuuuuu
Dan Conner
9/8/2013 2:59:00 PM
That show was awesome. I've been to a lot of shows, that was the best one I've been to yet. All of them rocked it, a lot of energy. After the show was over, they all hung out around the merch tables shaking hands and talking to people until the very last person left the venue around 3am. I talked to Diabolic for 10 minutes, it was a pretty cool experience. I'm stoked I was able to go.
$teve grove
9/9/2013 1:18:00 AM
always great to hear they weren't assholes