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Strange Dong
8/27/2013 5:40:00 AM
Good Morning. Didn't get much sleep, work all day.

Big penises.
8/27/2013 6:11:00 AM
Didn't get nearly enough sleep. Eyes were burning when I woke up. But just like John Tardy, I don't care.

Running at Brandywine Park tonight. Place rules. Tranquil when there isn't anyone there.
John Barlow
8/27/2013 6:36:00 AM
I think the daycare broke the kid's nebulizer and they are trying to act like they didn't. That's okay though. They were due to be properly introduced to me.
chocolate juice
8/27/2013 6:51:00 AM
Seek and destroy Barlow. It's my little man's first day of kindergarten. I'm happy and wigged out all at the same time. I was thinking that yesterday was his last day of zero responsibility for the rest of his life. Mind = blown. Time for coffee.
8/27/2013 6:56:00 AM
allergies are kicking my ass still
in search of tacos tonight.
8/27/2013 7:28:00 AM
I thought I was coming down with a cold... but it must just be allergies. Ugh.

Anyway... so that I can join in on the proud parent parade... yesterday was my daughters first day of 4th grade. She's my roll dogg.

I just need to get through 2 more days of work until Heather and I leave for our summer road trip. Stoked.
Bashar al-Acab
8/27/2013 7:40:00 AM
strange dongs
8/27/2013 7:43:00 AM
Allergies are such dog shit.
8/27/2013 8:30:00 AM
Hi all.

I decided to take Friday off because it's been a tough series of days. Also, I have the nine vacation days available even after all I've taken off for the holidays and stuff so whatever, why not.
8/27/2013 8:44:00 AM
8/27/2013 9:01:00 AM
Good morning. I need more coffee. I'm not gay enough yet.
the jizzler
8/27/2013 9:08:00 AM
we're having a job fair at work. lord jesus take me now.
8/27/2013 9:19:00 AM
Higgs boson
8/27/2013 9:33:00 AM
Morning. I was sick yesterday and called out of work. I slept from 11 pm Sunday night until around 7 pm last night, woke up, went out to get medicine, came home, slept more. I feel great today.
8/27/2013 9:33:00 AM
"Stop doing that thing that I told you was super important and needed to be done before 10am and do this other thing that is super important and get it done before 10am. Oh... and that first thing? Get that done before 10am, too."

8/27/2013 9:33:00 AM
Originally posted by: Westley Gisbon

strange dongs

Originally posted by: Strange Dong

Big penises.

8/27/2013 9:44:00 AM
new ones
8/27/2013 9:46:00 AM
Dreams last for so long
even after you're gone
and i know
you love me
and sooooon you will seeee
you were meant for me
and i was meant for you
8/27/2013 9:49:00 AM
Stick it in, rip the skin
Carve and twist torn flesh
From behind, I cut her crotch
In her ass I stuck my cock
Killing as I cum
Bashar al-Acab
8/27/2013 9:53:00 AM
You see that nigga turnin'
You feel the bullet burnin'
Nigga now you learnin'
8/27/2013 9:54:00 AM
cut my life into pieces
8/27/2013 10:03:00 AM
you are
my fire
the one
when i say
that i want it that way
8/27/2013 10:03:00 AM
8/27/2013 10:03:00 AM
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Originally posted by: ass nipples

8/27/2013 10:11:00 AM
8/27/2013 10:13:00 AM
Finally got the new Power Trip record. awww yeah