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3/1/2019 5:22:00 AM
I’m so insanely sick of cold weather at this point. Roads are stupid this morning but the sauna is hot and the gym is empty. Chest day. Wish it was cheat day instead. /livejournal
3/1/2019 7:52:00 AM
Up shoveling bullshit at 5am. Probably all fucked by now again. Delco/city is fucking awful in any weather.

I’m gonna eat some fucking Chinese fucking halal today.
3/1/2019 8:42:00 AM
I don’t have work until April. I did brush the snow off my girls car this morning though
3/1/2019 8:48:00 AM
I got up early so I could get here on time, I have a ton of work to do otherwise I would have stayed home as we were offered paid leave because of the weather.
ass nipples
3/1/2019 8:54:00 AM
Originally posted by: Kev_in

I don’t have work until April. I did brush the snow off my girls car this morning though

damn im starting up again march 11th
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3/1/2019 8:54:00 AM
i couldn’t make it until april. im going crazy.
3/1/2019 9:57:00 AM
I lasted like 2 months of being out of work before I was going stir crazy and ready to accept a job for significantly less than I was making and was way over qualified for.
3/1/2019 9:59:00 AM
i am rock hard
3/1/2019 10:04:00 AM
Originally posted by: Prickle

i am rock hard

On a similar note, one of the supplements I've been using has yohimbine in it and that is one of the side effects. Like steel.
3/1/2019 10:11:00 AM
I don't have to shovel because I live in a condo complex who hires a service and I also don't drive a car. The snow almost doesn't affect me at all.

I still hate it though because it's stupid.
3/1/2019 10:18:00 AM
3/1/2019 10:24:00 AM
My credit score is 817.
3/1/2019 10:29:00 AM
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3/1/2019 11:38:00 AM
my kids school closes at the smallest amount of snow (well all the schools closed here)….good thing this winter wasn't bad AT ALL or they would have been closed most of the winter
3/1/2019 12:12:00 PM
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3/1/2019 12:31:00 PM
Originally posted by: Prickle


I’m buying a shopvac
ass nipples
3/1/2019 12:53:00 PM
Originally posted by: Cumby

3/1/2019 1:11:00 PM
be me
>finally get a girl to notice me
>she's a 3/10 but she got a nice booty
>cheeks are slightly unproportionate size but I over look it for now
>one of those girls that are obsessed with horses
>you know the ones
>arrive at her house to take her to the international house of pancakes (so I can clap those hot cakes later)
>she says she doesn't want pancakes
>I go into her house and follow her to the bedroom
>entire house smells like cat piss
>my feet are crunching cat litter and fucking fossilized cat shit
>what have I done
>we start kissing and touching each other
>i grab both of her booty cheeks with my hands, one hand slightly more full than the other
>I go to eat her ass
>booty hole has those toilet paper crustys on them
>on a strictly low carb diet
>tell her I dont feel good and we should sex in the morning
>we decide to cuddle
>she falls asleep but Im still wide awake
>decide to scavenge the house to find some wet wipes so I can clean her booty hole before morning sexy time
>i look through her cabinets and all I can find are cans of cat food
>I notice she accidentally left her toaster on
>haha what a dumby
>I get a few cans of cat food and empty them into the toaster
>literally create a cat food/toaster pocket pussy
>I climb on her counter and mount the toaster
>the cat food smells so bad but it feels great on my weiner
>the light turns on and it's the 3/10
>I try to run but I slip and fall
>cat food everywhere
>90 fucking cats come out of nowhere
>Cats are literally eating the food and sucking my dick all at once
>cant get up because of these fat fucks laying on top of me
>3/10 is freaking out, not helping the situation
>cats start biting my dick and balls
>screaming for help
>3/10 grabs water and starts dumping it on cats
>getting clawed to death
>losing too much blood and cum
>I see a light
>It's xxxtentacion
>"spotlight uh moonlight uh"
>the cats burst into flames
>Jah takes my hand
>"it's your time now, anon"
>I float to heaven with x
>3/10 pissing and shitting herself in anger
>ask X to kick her ass
>X says he doesnt do that anymore
>in heaven now and losing wifi
>I gotta go
3/1/2019 1:12:00 PM
3/1/2019 1:18:00 PM
I lost it at “i see a light. It’s xxxtentacion”
3/1/2019 1:33:00 PM

3/1/2019 2:12:00 PM
phoenixville is lit