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5/2/2019 8:33:00 AM
This is understanding in a morning thread.
Captain Ahab
5/2/2019 9:24:00 AM
5/2/2019 11:03:00 AM
I spent the first half of the week in St Louis. Ama
5/2/2019 11:59:00 AM
How many times were you murdered?
5/2/2019 12:31:00 PM
I don't understand the question. Twice?
5/2/2019 12:59:00 PM
Andrew bird tiny desk concert is lifeblood.
5/2/2019 1:37:00 PM
Damnn nice day today. Makes me not want to stay in the office.
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5/2/2019 1:48:00 PM
I am still a couple of seasons behind on GOT. Trying to dodge all the spoilers is tuff sometimes.
5/2/2019 1:51:00 PM
i don't think it should count as a "spoiler" if you are more than a season behind

it's like, if you had dinner at your grandparents and they don't have HBO and you couldn't watch until Wed and someone posts stuff, your ass got GOT spoiled.
5/2/2019 1:54:00 PM
Agreed, it is my fault that I waited so long to start the show. I am trying to not hear what has happened, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
5/2/2019 1:58:00 PM
don't press play on that video then
5/2/2019 2:05:00 PM
What’s everyone’s take on how long you can expect to remain spoiler free/expect others to keep from spoiling?

I think it’s dependent on the popularity of the show. Game Of Thrones is currently god tier popularity. When something is that massive, I think the statute of limitations is 2 days tops. GoT is currently must see TV/appointment television. Ill give you an extra day in case you missed it, but Come Tuesday, open discussion is fair came. Less popular TV shows have a longer spoiler free period due to the lack of urgency around conversations about them. You’re not stifling all your coworkers conversation because you didn’t see the last episode of The Good Doctor or something.

Movies are a bit different, and I think you get a spoiler policy until it’s no longer in theaters. You can’t expect people to not discuss it while your lazy ass waits for it to come out on DVD.
5/2/2019 2:25:00 PM
More rounds of people heading to the Balkans. Glad I’m not going.
5/2/2019 2:45:00 PM
Started my morning off sans gayo since wawa stopped carying it
5/2/2019 3:05:00 PM
I will go with a couple of days or even a week for spoilers. Otherwise you are correct the discussion is fair game. So leave the room, put on headphones or change the station channel, but you cannot complain.

I will say it does annoy me when a podcast or radio show blurts out a big reveal just to be funny.
5/2/2019 4:54:00 PM
If you're trying not to get spoiled you should avoid social media altogether. Whether the rule is a day or a week, if your ass gets spoiled it's on you for logging on at all. Catch up already.
5/2/2019 4:55:00 PM
And I don't mean you, personally. I mean whoever.
5/2/2019 5:23:00 PM
i've watched Eintracht Frankfurt - Chelsea 1-1, not a great match.
5/2/2019 7:44:00 PM
I took my dog to st Pete’s today. Happy little fucker. He’s learned the commands for “paw” and “roll over” now. Super proud of him.
5/2/2019 7:51:00 PM
Also my one cat is sick. I’ve been dropper feeding him pedialyte and watered down wet food, and he is responding well. He’s been so stressed since the dog has gotten big enough to be intimidating to him. I’m trying really hard to give him lots of positive attention and love while he’s around the dog to try to make him less uncomfortable and he is responding well to that too. Keeping a close eye on him, feeding him four times a day, and just smothering him with attention. If he doesn’t eat by himself consistently tomorrow though, I have to make him an appointment. He’s my soul creature, he can’t die.
5/2/2019 9:30:00 PM
Thanks dude