Preist Traded to Dolphins 5 replies, 14919 views

Tito Titz
4/1/2005 4:48:00 PM
For Patrick Surtain and defensive end Jason Taylor

It's about time they got a replacement for Ricky: click here for link

4/1/2005 5:07:00 PM
i knew it
4/1/2005 5:20:00 PM
I am better than you
4/1/2005 6:46:00 PM
i mean at least use another running back. no one is going to believe they traded priest. well i'm sure some idiots thought this happened but whatever.
I am better than you
4/2/2005 11:41:00 AM
how would anybody bite on that as you put it? and i'm pretty sure i just said use a lesser running back for someone to believe it. but if the chiefs were smart they would dump priest within the next two years while they could still get some good D from him because both their backups did really well last year.
4/2/2005 7:24:00 PM
Don't the dolphins have a lot of cap problems anyway? which wouldn't really bode well for a trade like this, nice try though.