Comments label head, Philip H. Anselmo, "KING PARROT is not only a great live band, but they are as genuine and down to earth as it gets. They also tour constantly, so their union with Housecore Records serves us both well. Watch out for their new CD later this Spring!" Adds KING PARROT of the union, "We here at KING PARROT are really happy to announce we've signed with Housecore Records. We are big fans of everything the label has done to date. The way the label operates and works with bands is something that we immediately took a liking to, their attention to detail and helping us produce what we believe is a great new album has been a lot of fun. The Housecore crew have welcomed us with open arms and everyone is excited to show the wider metal community what we have been working on later this year... It's an exciting time for KING PARROT and we can't wait to show you the new album, new videos and of course, tours that we have been working on." KING PARROT's forthcoming new full-length was recorded by Anselmo at his famed Nodferatu's Lair and will see release later this Spring. Further details will be revealed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, KING PARROT will return to the states next week for another run of live abrasions. Beginning March 20th at SXSW in Austin, Texas, KING PARROT will raze over two-dozen cities supporting bong metal assassins, Weedeater, with the passage coming to a close on April 18th in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Metal Injection-sponsored trek follows the band's current ten-date march through Europe (also supporting team Weedeater). KING PARROT w/ Weedeater [remaining dates]: 3/12/2015 Freak Out - Bologna, IT 3/13/2015 Juha West - Stuttgart, DE 3/14/2015 Vortex Surfer - Siegen, DE 3/15/2015 Burgerweeshuis - Deventer, NL 3/20/2015 SXSW Tone Deaf Touring Showcase @ Dirty Dog - Austin, TX 3/21/2015 The Lost Well - Austin, TX [more] 3/24/2015 Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM [more] 3/25/2015 Pub Rock Live - Scottsdale, AZ [more] 3/26/2015 Casbah - San Diego, CA [more] 3/27/2015 The Complex - Los Angeles, CA [more] 3/28/2015 Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA [more] 3/29/2015 DNA - San Francisco, CA [more] 3/30/2015 Starlite Lounge - Sacramento, CA [more] 3/31/2015 Dante's - Portland, OR [more] 4/01/2015 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA [more] 4/02/2015 The Pin - Spokane, WA [more] 4/03/2015 Neurolux - Boise, ID [more] 4/04/2015 In The Venue - Salt Lake City, UT [more] 4/05/2015 Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO [more] 4/07/2015 Riot Room - Kansas City, MO [more] 4/08/2015 Wooly's - Des Moines, IA [more] 4/09/2015 Rock Island Brewing - Rock Island, IL [more] 4/10/2015 Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI [more] 4/11/2015 Subterranean - Chicago, IL [more] 4/12/2015 Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH [more] 4/13/2015 Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY [more] 4/14/2015 Nectars - Burlington, VT [more] 4/15/2015 T.T. The Bear's Place - Boston, MA [more] 4/16/2015 Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA [more] 4/18/2015 Ziggy's By The Sea - Wilmington, NC [more] 4/19/2015 The Earl - Atlanta, GA * KING PARROT headlines 4/20/2015 Blue Nile - New Orleans, LA Housecore Records Signing Party * KING PARROT headlines KING PARROT released their Bite Your Head Off full-length via Candlelight Records in 2013 and has been road-bound ever since, waging their sonic brutality and live antics upon unsuspecting eyes and ears both stateside and abroad. Championed forits, "dark, black humor," and accurately dubbed, "raucous, uncouth, rude, scatological and completely compelling," by This Is Not A Scene, Bite Your Head Off was produced by Jason Fuller (Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge) and Adam Calaitzis (Damaged, Abramelin) and manages to capture the raw intensity of their furious live assault, defying genres with a cross section attack of thrash, grind, punk and hardcore.