Illusions in Infinite Void, the full-length debut from Greek Heavy Metal Force SACRAL RAGE was released March 10 in North America and March 20 in Europe on Cruz Del Sur Music. Check out the lyric video for "Lost Chapter E: Sutratma" here and stream "En Cima Del Mal" here.

Illusions in Infinite Void is a monumental piece of Metal from start to finish. Indeed it's an ever-changing Metal vortex with countless rhythmic-changes and no weak moments, a tense state of aggression in which singer Dimitri's excellent performance and the textured guitar lines stand out. The band plays U.S. style metal with some European influences. Acts such as JAG PANZER, ANNIHILATOR, MERCYFUL FATE, JUDAS PRIEST, WATCHTOWER, and RUSH are major influences. Lyrics about horror, supernatural, dark fantasy, soul searching, forbidden religions, perfectly match the band's dark, aggressive, technical and paranoid music.

On Illusions in Infinite Void, the band proves to be more than just a mere replica of the most influential bands of the Golden Age of (especially) U.S .Metal. Hand in hand with a granitic rhythmic session, their songs turn, change and evolve endlessly into a wide variety of riffs, screams and roars! SACRAL RAGE have undoubtedly written one of the most inspired releases of 2015.