Originally released as a limited-edition CD in 2010, the album -- the title of which is Latin for "let the light shine" -- consists of seven hypnotic and cinematic blackened offerings. You can listen to a stream of the remastered "Black But Shining" at DecibelMagazine.com or directly below. Pre-order packages featuring an exclusive t-shirt design can be found at http://store.prostheticrecords.com/bands/schammasch.

Vocalist C.S.R. commented, "Six years have passed since me and B.A. (drums) met in our old rehearsal room to discuss a new project. After the first few rehearsals in summer 2009, SCHAMMASCH was born. Yet without any kind of clear vision or line, but a strong will, we started to work on two songs which would later bear the titles 'Chaos Reigns' and the metaphoric 'He Whose Face Is Made of Entrails.' Later that year, M.A. (guitars) joined us as a session member. It took us one year of chaotic, fevered work to finish the seven tracks for 'Sic Lvceat Lvx,' which were first released in October 2010.

"Now, five years later, many things have changed and I somehow didn't ever expect to talk about a reissue someday. So what else can I say, than just that it's making me proud to announce the reissue of 'Sic Lvceat Lvx,' in a brand new outfit and finally available on vinyl, through a label that actually does stuff on a professional level. Hopefully this album gets its deserved attention at last in 2015. No high-polished production and no technical perfectionism can be found here, but rather simple-hearted rawness, experimental songwriting and charming honesty."

SCHAMMASCH - "Black But Shining" (Official Track Stream)

Based in Basel, Switzerland, SCHAMMASCH -- whose own name references Šamaš, the sun god from Akkadian / Babylonian mythology -- combines black metal roots with a razor-sharp hybrid of dark atmospherics, doom and Hermetic mysticism. Their Prosthetic debut "Contradiction," an ambitious, genre-defying double album recorded and produced by Tripkyton guitarist V. Santura, proved to be a truly commanding work of significant importance, both to modern extreme music and to the rich heritage of forward-thinking Swiss metal in general. The group recently toured Europe alongside Dark Fortress and Secrets of the Moon and recently started working on a new album; more details will be unveiled in the coming months.