Tracked at drummer Darren Cesca's House Of Grind Studios in southern Connecticut, Sentinel Apocalypse is a relentlessly abrasive exercise in technical agility and blatant aggression boasting eleven tracks of methodical guitar sweeps, fierce drum incursions and dominating vocal tirades for fans of the twisted craftings of bands like Carnifex, The Faceless, Necrophagist, The Black Dahlia Murder and Beneath The Massacre.

With the release of Sentinel Apocalypse now just less than a month away, Skulls 'N' Bones offers up the forbidden sounds of "Falsified Existence" for communal gorging.

"Falsified Existence is a blast-beat infested, riff-drunk guttural onslaught packed into two-and-a-half-minutes of ass-kicking," elaborates the band. "No beating around the bush, no finesse, just ESCHATON trying to beat it into your heads that every track on Sentinel Apocalypse is ruthlessly aggressive. The lyrical concept pertains to being repulsed by mankind's failures and that our desperate clinging to the terms of this false reality must be shed."