Regarding the signing, DEPARTE comment: "We are deeply honored to be working with Season of Mist. This label is home to so many amazing bands, many of which have had a direct influence on us as a band, and it is an immense privilege for us to be made at home among them, especially so early in our career. Our signing to such an illustrious label makes us all the more excited to complete the writing process for our debut full length so we can get it recorded and released and get back on the road. We believe Season of Mist to be a label that understands our artistic vision and will create an environment for us as a collective to continue to do what we love, and to grow and expand our art with integrity and sincerity. Needless to say we are all waiting with bated breath to see what the future holds for us!"

DEPARTE (Sam Dishington – Vocals, Michael Rankine – Drums, Mitchell Osborne – Guitar, Mitchell Golding – Guitar, and Jarrod Sorbian - Bass) was formed in 2011 as a 4 piece with the intention to create dark, brooding atmospheric black metal with a focus on intense, hypnotic live performances. As the band developed with the addition of a second guitarist, DEPARTE began to stray from more traditional black metal ethos, shedding the face paint and incorporating elements from various other genres, such as post-metal, drone, doom and death metal. The new influences resulted in unique, emotive and truly powerful songwriting.

In their relatively short career thus far, DEPARTE have already shared the stage with acclaimed international artists such as GORGUTS, ULCERATE, WORMED, PORTAL, NE OBLIVISCARIS and more, solely on the back of their first official demo released in November 2014.