Dimmitt discussed the video's creation process, stating: "Coming up with the concept for the music video for 'Contaminate' was quite simple. The subject matter of the song deals with impending doom of the apocalypse, radiation sickness, and the suffering that war brings about in general. We combined disturbing archival footage from atrocities committed in the last century with a live show we played at Saint Vitus, in Brooklyn, to create a visual aesthetic to match the bleak subject matter and overall feeling of despair that we attempted to create when we wrote this song." Described as a “nightmarish merger between black, death, d-beat, and doom” (Pitchfork), MUTILATION RITES' sophomore effort "Harbinger" has seen the band conquer stages across the U.S. in addition to their first-ever appearances overseas. The band, consisting of Dimmitt, George Paul (vocals/guitars), Ryan Jones (bass) and Tyler Coburn (drums), will next appear at their hometown haunt, Saint Vitus Bar, this Sunday alongside Wolvserpent, Fell Voices and Svart Crown. Tickets for the 21+ show are still available.