On the heels of a debut split 7" with Los Angeles-based VORS released earlier in the year, Free Inside is the first proper 7" EP from Richmond, Virginia's BLEACH EVERYTHING. The band's membership pedigree is highlighted by a present and past that includes Iron Reagan, Mammoth Grinder, Jesuit, Suppression, and Corn On Macabre amongst countless others. As one could surmise, BLEACH EVERYTHING specializes in all things short, fast, loud, violent, and often absurd. Rooted deeply in the DIY punk ethos that gave each member a roadmap toward individual and collective musical longevity deep into adult life, all skills of the trade are on display here. Musically, the band charges further forward on the hellbent path established on the VORS split; absolutely relentless in its urgency, unrepentant in its sonic heft, and rife with entropic freneticism. Thematically, the band calls for self-empowerment (title track), self-reliance ("Sons Of Hecate"), and space terror ("Facehugger")... all within the span of five minutes. The EP will see digital release on August 7th and a vinyl release on both clear and black wax two weeks later. Magic Bullet Records Digital Sampler VOL. 2 Track Listing: 1. SWEET COBRA - Future Ghosts 2. NY IN 64 - Bystander 3. MEATWOUND - Funeral State 4. BLEACH EVERYTHING - Sons Of Hecate 5. WORMWOOD - I'd Rather Die 6. ANCIENT VVISDOM - We Are Damnation 7. HARMONIC CROSS - MLIAOI 8. BROTHER DEGE - House Of The Dying Sun 9. IDES OF GEMINI - Strange Fruit 10. WAILIN' STORMS - Down In South Texas 11. BROTHER DEGE - The River 12. ZEX - Wanderlust 13. INTEGRITY - Dawn Of A New Apocalypse (Live) This past Friday, Magic Bullet issued the vinyl version of several albums, including the LP edition of NY IN 64's debut, NY64 -- the band formed by members of You And I and East Of The Wall delivering a mesmerizing style of instrumental, melodic hardcore. Surrounding the album's CD and digital release in April NY IN 64 has played live throughout the Northeast in support of their first album, deploying the record's energetic attack with even more intensity. NY64 is now available on clear 12" vinyl this week, as the band plots new tour dates and is in the final stages of creating an official video for the album. Also out now are the vinyl editions of Folk Songs Of The American Longhair and How To Kill A Horse LPs from Lafayette, Louisiana's BROTHER DEGE -- the albums originally issued on CD and digital formats in 2010 and 2014, respectively. The band's captivating, exemplary exhibition of passionate, absolutely haunting Mekong-Delta-blues-by-way-of-Louisiana hymns and melodies unlike anything out there have grabbed the attention everyone from Quentin Tarantino, who featured "Too Old To Die Young" in his 2012 film and soundtrack "Django Unchained," to The Discovery Network's "Deadliest Catch" franchise, who featured "Hard Row to Hoe" as 2010's theme music to "After the Catch" with Mike Rowe. Both Folk Songs Of The American Longhair and How To Kill A Horse are now available on both colored and black vinyl editions through Magic Bullet. And in less than two weeks, brand new releases from Chicago's melodic/angular punk/hardcore manipulators SWEET COBRA, Florida's swamp-ridden pentatonic hardcore deviants MEATWOUND and Richmond-based ultra-creepy ambient collective HARMONIC CROSS will all see release, slated to street on July 24th. New videos and tracks from all three of these acts will see release prior to their official release -- stand by for all of them to hit within the next week.