Unholy as the first wave of black metal, wild as punk and as filthy as a rock n' roll alley band, MORBID SLAUGHTER present their first act of horror: A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death. Obsessed by horror tales and the desire to create a lustful beast, MORBID SLAUGHTER was spawned by Envenom in September 2009. With a handful of demos and a 7" EP under their belt, the ghouls known as Envenom, Ripping Corpse and Necrophiliac Sodomizer are ready to ride the beast through the sickening valleys of Hades and engulf the world in a storm of damnation and lust. Coupled with a distinct worship of old horror movies and books, A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death explores the violent ecstasy of a psycho in the heat of the night and nightmarish themes of sexual
carnage, necrolust and brutality.

Filthy Blackened Speed! Those into Bathory, Hellhammer, Old Mayhem and Horror tales are strongly encouraged to take a ride with these southern ghouls.

1. Cannibal butcher
2. Zombie Splatter Axe
3. Chainsaw Blade
4. Fuck off, we murder
5. Death's Cold Blood
6. Torture Without Anesthesia
7. Slay with Steel