Comments vocalist Sunao: "The god named 'economy' was exposed. Absolute existence has begun to fluctuate. People have fallen into identity crisis. What am I? Where is the answer? It is coming time to seek it. I feel each of us will have to find it. In that meaning, this title 'Nuked Identity' includes our wish. We will find our new identity and build them again."

Nuked Identity Track Listing:
1. Surreal-Rhythm
2. Rebel Is Creation
3. Kaleidoscope
4. Vague Of Me
5. Peter Pan Syndrome Melancholy
6. Why Must I Grab My Penis?
7. Ideoloideolo-Hierarchieraruhi
8. The Spider's Thread That Has Been Cut Off
9. Asia Is Burning
10. Rootless Patriotism

VIVISICK's Nuked Identity will see release on CD and digital formats via Tankcrimes Records on September 11th, 2015. The CD comes packaged in a full color box jacket and includes a twelve-page full color tabloid size newsprint insert and screen printed envelope. Top notch job straight from Tokyo. A vinyl version mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound will be available in 2016 coinciding with the band's West Coast takeover with Capitalist Casualties. Further info to be announced soon. Stay alert!

Sunao - vocals
Kazuki - guitar
Haru - guitar
Takahashi - bass
Hitoshi - drums