Following their participation in This Is Hardcore, the month-long North American The Life & Death Tour with Bane, Turnstile, Backtrack and others, and recent shows supporting the likes of Burn, Soul Search, Ceremony and more, FORCED ORDER will support Trapped Under Ice in Los Angeles this Saturday, November 7th. A week and a half later, the band crosses to Europe on a thirteen-city rampage supporting Turnstile, running from November 18th through the 30th, with two additional shows sans-Turnstile in the UK at the end of the tour. FORCED ORDER continues booking into next year heavily as well. The band will take part in FYA Fest in Tampa, Florida with Turnstile, All Out War, The Rival Mob, Blistered, Pure Disgust and many others including Freedom, whom FORCED ORDER will be out on an East Coast run with at the time, the tour running from New Year's Day through January 6th with shows in Detroit, New Albany, Atlanta, Richmond and Brooklyn besides the fest. Immediately upon their return to the West Coast, the band hits Los Angeles, Berkeley and Anaheim alongside Foundation, January 8th, 9th and 10th, respectively. Vanished Crusade is out now on Revelation Records, the LP available in a run of 300 copies on Coke Bottle Clear and 900 on Clear Gold and the record available on CD and digital as well. Place orders through RevHQ RIGHT HERE. FORCED ORDER Tour Dates: 11/07/2015 Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA w/ Trapped Under Ice 11/18/2015 Winston - Amsterdam, NL w/ Turnstile 11/19/2015 Kavka - Antwerp, BE w/ Turnstile 11/20/2015 Universum - Stuttgart, DE w/ Turnstile 11/21/2015 Triptychon - Munster, DE w/ Turnstile 11/22/2015 Pod Minoga - Poznand, PL w/ Turnstile 11/23/2015 007 - Prague, CZ w/ Turnstile 11/24/2015 Music & Frieden - Berlin, DE w/ Turnstile 11/25/2015 Conne Island - Leipzig, DE w/ Turnstile 11/26/2015 Gebaude 9 - Cologne, DE w/ Turnstile 11/27/2015 Area 51 - Eindhoven, NL w/ Turnstile 11/28/2015 La Mecanique - Paris, FR w/ Turnstile 11/29/2015 Fighting Cocks - Kingston, UK w/ Turnstile 11/30/2015 The Dome - London, UK w/ Turnstile 12/01/2015 Glasgow, UK w/ Urban Spirit, Insist 12/02/2015 Temple Of Boom - Leeds, UK w/ The Flex, Blind Authority 1/01/2016 The Sanctuary - Detroit, MI w/ Freedom 1/02/2016 Production House - New Albany, IN w/ Freedom 1/03/2016 The Orpheum - Tampa, FL @ FYA Fest III 1/04/2016 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA w/ Freedom 1/05/2016 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA w/ Freedom 1/06/2016 The Acheron - Brooklyn, NY w/ Freedom 1/08/2015 Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA w/ Foundation 1/09/2015 Gilman St. - Berkeley, CA w/ Foundation 1/10/2015 Chain Reaction - Anaheim, CA w/ Foundation With a 1990s grip on brutal metallic hardcore, FORCED ORDER's scorching divebomb leads, chugging hooks and vicious breakdowns form a lethal alloy romanticizing the works of Cleveland-heroes Integrity, Ringworm and In Cold Blood. Featuring members of Disgrace, Soul Search and others, FORCED ORDER's bleak views are delivered with a primal sense of impenetrable conviction. Jaw-clenching angst fuels every minute of the band's debut LP, Vanished Crusade, with fourteen tracks packed with infectious, punishing grooves enveloped in a haunting, ill-omened aura, produced by Taylor Young at The Pit (Nails, Xibalba, Twitching Tongues). Legends Arising crowned Vanished Crusade record Album Of The Month, issuing in its review that the album is, "definitely one of the best hardcore albums of 2015. It encompasses all types of extreme music and all tracks are executed to perfection." In a raging 9/10 review, Metal Injection inked, "The band's sound is one carried down from the ages of post-1986' hardcore, with the soloing very reminiscent of Integrity, and an attitude that would place them in easy company with Terror and Ringworm (a little taste of Merauder in there too)... What FORCED ORDER brings is concise, to-the-point songwriting. In order for hardcore bands to execute the post-86' style successfully, they must weave the riffs together in a way that makes you want to fly face-first into the pit... " Decibel Magazine issues, "their aesthetic is strictly skull-cracking old-school, emulating the likes of veteran firebrands Integrity and Ringworm," and Exclaim divulges, "For the greater part of the album, the five-piece charge forward at a blistering pace. Although most of the songs clock in at less than two minutes, they are each incredibly dense bursts, incorporating numerous changes in tempo and transitioning between complex and straightforward rhythms with ease."