Hailed as "the gold standard for extreme, technical, progressive, and passionate death metal right now" (HeavyBlogIsHeavy.com), Monarchy continues the seasonal concept that began with spring on Rivers of Nihil's debut album, The Conscious Seed of Light - this time, welcoming the oppressive summer heat. The story takes place millions of years after the events in The Conscious Seed of Light. Adam Biggs, who also serves as the band's primary lyricist, explains: "The Earth has been transformed into a vast desert wasteland, where after aeons of lifelessness, new beings begin to take shape and begin their journey as shepherds of the planet. But after a while, a class system forms from a sun-worshiping religious dictatorship, and these beings start to lose their way. Only the guidance of an ancient earthly force can help them save themselves as well the planet."

To purchase this conceptual masterpiece, please visit: http://www.metalblade.com/riversofnihil

Rivers of Nihil tour dates
w/ Hate Eternal, Misery Index and Beyond Creation:
Nov. 20 - Ft. Worth, TX - Tomcats
Nov. 21 - Austin, TX - Dirty Dog
Nov. 22 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia
Nov. 25 - Raleigh, NC - The Maywood *
Nov. 27 - Reading, PA - Reverb *
*=Rivers of Nihil only