The '80s saw the rise of quite a few indie labels that served as the home to countless now-legendary and influential bands - SST, Dischord, Alternative Tentacles, Sub Pop, Touch and Go, etc. And one that seems to not get the credit it deserves is Amphetamine Reptile - a label that issued releases by the likes of Helmet, The Melvins, Jesus Lizard, and Tad, among countless others. And finally, there is now a documentary DVD that helps tell the label's story/puts it all in perspective, 'The Color of Noise.'

Right off the bat, the label was different when you take a look at the gentleman who founded it/ran it - whereas the aforementioned labels were run by either members of other bands or "music geeks," Tom Hazelmyer was a punk loving USMC veteran…who just so happened to also have a keen ear for the rock music of the underground. The documentary charts how the label built up its impressive roster, which included many bands that by the early to mid 90s, were the toast of the media, and to a certain degree, the mainstream.

The doc is a whopping two hours in length, and the DVD is also loaded with cool extras. 'The Color of Noise' serves as an interesting snapshot of underground rock's last great uprising.